Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment is a crucial part of any wedding, but looking closely, what would you say is the most valued and important item in your budget? It’s most probably your Wedding Dress or your Wedding Venue. It may also be your choice of food, chair covers, favours or church. Whatever you class as your most important item in your budget it’s important to understand that like anything in life, you get for what you pay for. The cost of a wedding varies, with prices ranging from £1,000 to even £20,000+.

We understand that you don’t need to spend £20,000+ to have a fantastic day with your friends and family, but it’s important that you break down your budget and spend your money wisely. Compared to many years ago, today’s budget is now mostly spent on venue decorations, considering what is now available on a consumer level. Consider what’s in your budget and ask the question, will it have an impact on the overall day itself?


Looking At The Statistics

With the above in mind, there are several sources of statistics online, and as a Wedding Professional we feel it’s important that we understand them. Let us share these with you.

Post Wedding, 72% of Brides said they wish they had of spent more time in researching their Wedding DJ Entertainment, and almost 100% said they would have spent more of their budget on their evening entertainment. We found that Brides put Entertainment as a low priority when planning their day, with decor, reception and catering being the most important. 78% of Brides after their wedding said they would now most definitely recommend to putting DJ Entertainment as a high priority. Your Wedding Entertainment is the last you will experience of your special day, it’s a celebration of marriage, a celebration with the closest of friends and family, and is such a large proportion of your day. Getting this wrong will and does have a detrimental impact on your Wedding Day.


Plan, Research & Plan Again

Your Wedding Day is unique to your taste & style, there is no one size fits all and it is important that you cover the finest of details. Discuss what it is you want from your Wedding Reception and gather different ideas. Are you looking merely for a DJ, or a Wedding Professional that has the experience to deliver your requirements? We mentioned earlier about getting what you pay for, can your typical mobile DJ provide crystal clear sound, an elegant & stylish setup, venue uplighting & master of ceremonies for £160? We doubt it very much. To execute your wedding entertainment you will need a professional who has the experience, the willingness and the equipment to deliver your expectations.

An article we have written many months ago will help you to research your potential DJ and gives you information on what to look for. There is much more to finding a DJ that can play music. As they are representing you on your Wedding Day, you need a professional.

Upon finding a Professional Wedding DJ, you should expect to receive a face to face meeting/consultation with them that will allow you to explain your requirements and expectations. Discuss your plans with your DJ, such as choice of music, running order of events, master of ceremonies and provide them with names of the Best Man, Father of the Bride and Brides Maids for example. Your DJ will prompt you to provide any information that he feels he needs in order to provide you with a professional level of service. The last thing you want during your wedding reception is for your DJ to be continually asking you questions because the information wasn’t discussed prior.


Relax & Allow Yourself To Celebrate

The months, or even years of planning are over. The special day has come and you have finally married the love of your life. Most probably, you have now overcome your nerves of saying “I do”. You want to enjoy your evening celebrations as much as your guests, don’t put yourself in a situation whereby you suddenly discover your DJ is not living up to your expectations. Your guests expect an evening celebration that’s full of life, and you deserve to enjoy this with them rather than having to worry about the operational aspect of your evening.

Discuss Your Entertainment With Us

Diverse Discos understand the need of a stress free, enjoyable wedding. We don’t sell a product or service; we sell more of an experience. It’s in our nature to provide the ultimate Wedding Entertainment.

Speak to us to discover how we can provide you with Professional Wedding DJ Entertainment that will allow you to unleash your wedding entertainment. You may request a free wedding brochure or contact us for a free quote.

Whatever Entertainment you choose, we wish you a lifetime of happiness as the new Mr & Mrs.