Terms of Service

Diverse Discos, referred to as “we”, “us” & “our” have terms of service agreement that applies to all clients, referred to in this document as “you” and “your”. Please note that by hiring Diverse Discos for any service you agree to these Terms of Service.

1. Payments & Deposits

In order to secure your booking, a deposit must be paid. A receipt of an email, letter or invoice does not mean a date has been secured. The deposit amount varies from each event and this can be found on your invoice. We kindly ask that full payment is settled at least 7 days prior to your celebration / event. Failure to settle your balance may result in us cancelling our agreement with you.

2. Cancellations

The planning and preparation of your celebration after a deposit has been received often happens immediately and as such we regret that we cannot refund a deposit should you wish to cancel, unless Diverse Discos is at fault.

You may your cancel agreement with us at any time. Please send your cancellation in writing to hello@diversediscos.co.uk. Again, your deposit is non-refundable.

Once your booking has been secured by us, we agree to protect the date and not take extra bookings that could affect your celebration. However, acts out of our control, also known as “Force Majeure” or “Acts of nature” do not hold us responsible should we need to cancel our agreement. This includes, road traffic accidents, road closures, adverse weather, acts of terrorism, industrial action or similar situtations that prevent us from adhering to our agreement.

Should we not attend your event for any reason, you will receive a full refund within 60 days.

3. Venue Access

We make every effort to contact venues prior to us attending. However please note that it is your accountability to ensure we have a minimum of 90 minutes to setup our equipment prior to your celebration starting. This means Diverse Discos will need access to the premises at least 90 minutes prior to your guests / public.

We carry alot of equipment to ensure you receive an excellent service. Venues with stairs, or long access corridors may incurr extra charges to you.

4. Performance Area

We are not to be held responsible for the late setup or failure to setup should our performance area not be fit for purpose. Fit for purpose means having adequate access, adequate space ( at least 3 meteres depth and 5 meters length ) and adequare electrical points. For venues that are fitted with sound limiters, we are not to be held responsible should we experience an outage of power during our performance time. Diverse Discos cannot be held accountable should we need to adjust our performance withour prior consent from yourself in order to comply with sound limiters.

We have the right to refuse and cancel should we determine that electrical points are not safe or that electrical equipment we plug into is not PAT Tested by the venue. If the supply is via a temporary source such as a generator then this must be adequate to supply all expected users at the same time and for sensitive electrical equipment.

5. Music

PLAYING: We play a varied mixture of family friendly, recognised popular songs of various genres from the current charts and across the decades as appropriate.

REQUESTS: Requests are welcome in advance and on the day where available and suitable. We agree that for the main party that the majority of songs and their order cannot be predicted in advance and are best chosen dynamically as the night flows. Accepting a request in advance or on the night does not guarantee it will be played. Requests are not played in the order that they are received.

EXPLICIT LYRICS: We do not play songs that contain explicit lyrics unless prior written consent is provided to us.

6. Venue Restrictions

The venue may have a Premises Licence with restrictions to prevent loud noise disturbing their neighbours or residents.

The client agrees that we have to follow instructions from the venue in terms of where music can be played, the volume level and when it must stop.

7. Behaviour

Abusive behaviour or threats towards us or our equipment / belongings from anyone including yourself, guests, venue management, venue staff or other vendors will not be tolerated.

Performance may be suspended until resolved. If not resolved then the booking may be terminated with no loss to us.

The client agrees to provide assistance with providing identity and contact details of individuals involved should compensation for loss or damage to equipment, vehicle or other belongings.


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